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Doug Domokos Dec. 31, 1955 - Nov. 26, 2000

Nikolas at age 3.

Labor Day Parade, Durango, CO 2000

Doug Domokos was killed in an ultralight aircraft accident Sunday November 26, 2000. Doug is survived by his 5 year old son Nikolas, Nikolas' mother, Doug's father, mother and sister.

American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

Doug Domokos, The Wheelie King, has been inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame

"The Wheelie King" - best known stunt motorcyclist in the 1980s & 1990s. His world record for the longest continuous wheelie of 145 miles stood for over 8 years.

More information may be had at the museum web site, Click on Fame & Concours d'Elegance.

The Wheelie King, is a registered service mark

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A MEMORIAL BOOK of letters, pictures, poems, e mail essays, and your favorite stories of Doug is currently being compiled. This book will be presented to Nikolas someday when he's ready to learn about his talented father.

Please submit your special memories to the Memorial Book Page.

All writings and pictures will be placed into the memorial book.



Doug Domokos Memorial Trust Fund

Donations are gratefully accepted for the "Doug Domokos Memorial Trust Fund" which was established to provide college or votech education for Doug's son, Nikolas.

Please send your donation to;

Doug Domokos Memorial Trust Fund

POBox 4102

Cottonwood, AZ 86326


Nikolas age 5


Doug Domokos “The Wheelie King”®

Memorial Balance Wheelie Contest

Poppin’ a Wheelie(Survey)




You’ve all tried poppin’ a wheelie, trying to impress a crowd at the track or that special girl or guy. Whether it was a power thrust or a balance wheelie, you just had to do it.

How would you like to have the opportunity to compete doing balance wheelies, just like Doug Domokos “The Wheelie King” #1 did all through his career, and be named “The Wheelie King #2 For A Year.”

I would like to have your feedback. Click here for Survey Form

Thank you,

Frank Domokos (Doug’s Dad)


Doug Domokos, “The Wheelie King”® is a registered service mark owned by the Nikolas Domokos Trust

Doug Domokos The most incredible man on one wheel! "The Wheelie King" known for his mouth dropping displays of balance over gravity, has performed wheelies on almost everything, just about everywhere. Doug's self made career has gotten him spots on national television, "Real TV", "ESPN 2", and "FOX TV" just to name a few. Doug has also made appearances in "Cannonball Run" doubling for Burt Convey, "Mega Force" doubling for Barry Bostwick, and in "On Any Sunday II" as himself in a documentary of all the superstar talents in the motorcycle world. But the excitement isn't over when the front wheel comes down. When not performing Doug can be found enjoying high energy sports such as hang gliding, paragliding, and off road riding.



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